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Community Tourism Guide Book


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Community Tourism

  • Empowers rural women
  • Improves livelihoods
  • Supports village projects
  • Provides cultural exchange


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Day Tours | Lodging

Visit a Uganda Homestead

  • Hear traditional stories from village elders
  • See how food is prepared under hot stones
  • Learn about Ankole long horned cow culture
  • Take a weaving or beading lesson


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Get Involved

- Volunteer
- Donate


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Community Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is a country with a rich and proud ethnic heritage. A number of tribes create the social fabric of the Ugandan society. Although each ethnic group has its own unique cultural identity, all share an outgoing and warm hospitality for which the country is well known. Ugandans have a traditional love for meeting people, making new friends, and welcoming visitors into their homes.

Visit a homestead for an authentic travel experience. Meet the community and participate in local activities like banana beer brewing, cow milking, story telling, dancing, crafts, and more.

See Homesteads


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