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Support Community Tourism in Uganda

Your support will ensure COBATI’s community tourism projects take root and become sustainable. Donations can help create a new homestead, support a community school, repair a village borehole water source, and improve a homestay. Volunteers provide valuable business, training, marketing, and social media support. Your visit to a homestead will not only be a memorable experience, it will help empower the community.

Donate to Support COBATI Projects

There is a lack of seed funds to kick-start and maintain small tourism enterprises in Uganda communities. COBATI seeks financial support to build the capacity of rural families to understand how tourism can be an empowerment tool. Your donation can help communities participate in the COBATI program and use homestead tourism to connect with international travelers, supplement household incomes, improve local schools, and provide health services to the local families.

Spotlight Projects: Mediina Pre Nursery and Kahima Homestead

Homestead tourism helps support community schools like Mediina Pre Nursery. While the community has made much progress on the school, there is still work to be done. Your donation can provide school supplies and more.

Your support can help Betty Kahima’s village incorporate community tourism in their daily activities so they can host travelers who are interested in understanding the lifestyles and creativity of families in rural Africa, especially women. Your donation will help the village and Kahima Homestead increase the number of visitors and ensure the sustainability of the homestay and handcraft projects, where profits are channeled into social programs for the village. Your donation can support training for the women’s handcraft group.

Volunteer to Support Community Tourism

Volunteers play a big part in supporting community tourism in Uganda. COBATI has local and virtual opportunities.

  • Craft Marketing: Develop marketing strategies, establish partnerships to market and sell Uganda handcrafts worldwide
  • Tourism Marketing: Develop marketing strategies, implement initiatives to increase homestead reservations
  • Social Media: Develop social media strategies, maintain COBATI’s social media pages
  • Grant Writing: Write grants to apply for project funding

Bombo Community Tourism Initiative: Kampala Area

  • Crafts Production: Help the women’s weaving group sharpen their production and quality control skills
  • Building Projects: Help finish building a classroom block (flooring and window shutters) at Bembe Hill Primary School
  • Children: Help teach a class at Mediina Pre-Nursery or Bembe Hill Primary School

Kahima Homestead: Bushenyi District (one hour from Mbarara)

  • Crafts Production: Help the women’s craft group sharpen their product development, production, and quality control skills. The women engaged in bead work jewelry need urgent intervention to improve on design, quality, packaging, and marketing.

Multimedia Help: Central and Southwestern Uganda

  • Photography: Visit COBATI homesteads and take photos for the website, social media, and print publications
  • Video: Visit COBATI homesteads and take videos for the website and social media